Friday, November 25, 2011

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

I went to the mall the other week, with the intent of returning a bunch of things -- among them makeup and accessories.  I was on a mission to get myself some money back, and I was not leaving until it became Mission: Accomplished.

My last stop turned out to be Nordstrom Rack, where I gladly returned 2 things I had changed my mind about.  I thought I'd wander over to the shoe section afterwards, and that's when I saw them: Clark's Desert Boots, all leather with a rubber sole in a 6.5 women's shoe for $39.90.  What. The. EFF?!  I knew that desert boots had always been considered a classic shoe, but an easy google search will leave you with many a website saying that Clark's Desert Boots are around $100, easy.  I tried them on and I had to have them (story of my life. Also, my sister asked if I was about to spend all the money I had just gotten back. Ha ha, very funny).  The quality was amazing -- solid leather that would become much more supple with wear, sturdy outsole, classic design.  Easy win!

Clark's Desert Boots
Love them!! They are a bit stiff at first, but with each day I've worn them, they've become easier and easier to wear.  I like to wear them with Dr. Scholl's insoles, just because I like the extra support.
At a park right nearby :)
Standing on my toes...anything to be a bit taller haha


Engage: semi-awkward expression. Standing with my ever-trusty Kindle in hand!! I love the case, it has apples and bees on it :P

Purple beret: Target
Navy cardigan: Banana Republic
Light blue sweater top: Gap
Black scarf:  ??
Jeggings: Gap
Glasses: Warby Parker
Desert boots: Nordstrom Rack
Kindle Case: Etsy

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I am stuffed and ready to do some Black Friday shopping :)

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  1. Those boots are amazing... I love Nordstrom off the Rack, you can find so many amazing gems :)
    xo Jac