Monday, December 5, 2011

Continuing the Beginning

This evening was just one of those good, good evenings. My day didn't start out wonderfully, as my car was frozen over with ice (yay!) and I was running late because I had to run inside and get more layers of clothing (double yay!) and missed my train by about a good minute (dare we say triple yay?). But the rest of the day went pretty well, I'd say, and it culminated in me heading to the climbing gym, which I love to go to! (I think I'll talk about that more in another post). I go there 2-3 times per week if I can, and tonight I did some bouldering and some top-roping, and I did some routes that I didn't think I'd be able to finish because I was just so damn tired. I'm really trying to take charge of things in my life, though, so I made myself finish, and I'm pretty proud :)

This past weekend my friend Tiffany and I did a fun little amateur photo shoot in her backyard. She's got this nifty bridge over a koi pond -- perfect for pictures and perfect if you feel like having some zen time. It was kinda cold outside, and more than a bit windy, but we managed ;)

Sans white peacoat!

I opted for cozy-cute on this particular day. It was about 60-65 degrees F, and with these clothes on I was still a little cold!

I'm wearing:

  • Cropped white peacoat: H&M
  • Warm grey cardigan: Charlotte Russe
  • Inner navy/grey cardigan: Nordstrom
  • Top: American Eagle
  • Jeans: Gap
  • Shoes: comfy comfy comfy Minnetonka moccasins :D

There's something really interesting going on over there, I swurr

The cropped white peacoat is one of my favorite pieces of clothing! I got it on sale at a grand opening of H&M for the ridonkulous price of $10 (!!!) and I later saw it going for something like $40. I'll take my deal and leave, thanks!

The Minnetonkas are total win. They were a bit of a pain to break in, as they were really stiff suede, but now they feel so dang good on my feet. It's too bad I can't really wear them year-round -- these would be a no-no in the rain.
Wait for it....

Because when are jumping pictures NOT fun? :D

Check my mad (mini) hops. Ish. Sorta. 


I look like I'm being beamed up into a spaceship. For real.
It's getting to be about that time of the night for me to (ideally) go to bed. Over and out and until next time :)


  1. I see why you love this jacket so much! So cute, and for such a great deal! You cant go wrong! :) Lovely outfit!

  2. Thanks so much!! I'm a sucker for a good deal :)